Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome to Military Life 101

Military Life...Boy it's hard to define. Kinda like nailing jello to the tree. One thing is for sure, if you are sharing this military world with me I would wager your life is not dull and boring and you dont have to worry about routine being a way of life. I've been associated with the Military for 28 years now. I enlisted in the USAF in Jul 1980 as delayed entry and went to Basic Training in Jan 1981. I retired in Oct 2001. Since joining, I have worn the hat of Enlisted military member, Single Mom in the military, Military married to Military, Divorced Mom in the Military, Military married to Military (Round 2!), Retired Military married to Military, and am soon to be Retired Military married to a Military guy with a Military son. Eventually my active duty spouse will retire but by then I should have two military sons. I dont see my world ever being without the military influence. I've got a few plans for things I want to blog about. We'll see how well I can work them into my mom/work/finish PCSing schedule!

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MRS Jen McNeil said...

thanks for the comment. we're really proud of him and so we have to be strong...theres no other option. its amazing you have been involved with the military for so long! thanks you for you past service and your husbands and your sons. Feel free to stop by and say hi!!