Friday, October 17, 2008

Tips for PCSing with Teens

It's PCS time in our household again and as any Military family knows the S in PCS really stands for STRESS!

I wrote an article recently for Associated Content on Tips for helping teens adjust to moves. It's definitely not easy. It's not easy as an adult but for an adolescent who has worked hard to make and maintain friendships it is exceptionally stressful. I have six kidlets who are out on their own doing their own things, be it college or marriage or work. I have one middle schooler at home and a granddaughter who lives with me. We've been in air mattress stage going on two months now and the fun of the camping adventure with limited household items available has about worn down to nothing. Personally I hope the paperwork saga will end soon and we can get on the way to living in one household again. But for my teen? He'd stay on the air mattress forever if it meant not having to leave!

You can read my Tips on Moving with a Teen article HERE.

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