Saturday, October 10, 2009

Additional Ondoy Damage Photos

More photos came through this morning so I am working on getting more posted here.

Folks who have water standing in their homes are currently living on their roofs. I asked how they are cooking, and was told they make a grill of sorts from a CMU Block with wood for fire.

This is what the bamboo was for, they have build walking bridges so they do not have to get wet to leave their homes

These were the folks lined up to receive food kits. The kids make pick ups if the mom or dad is not able to get there


Flood view from the roof top


The northern areas of the PI have had hundreds killed this week from mudslides.
I know relief operations are always criticized and tough because of the high emotions, but it doesnt seem to be reaching the areas needing so much help. The US military has now been allowed to help in rescue efforts from the mudslides. Hopefully they will be able to help reach those still stranded.

Please continue praying, the situation is truly desperate in so many places. I hope to be on a plane home by Wed morning at the latest and will update as I can when connections will allow

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