Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unsent Letters and an update

I forgot to come update yesterday. Bad start to keeping track of things huh?
I didn't add any new AC articles yesterday but I did do my today.com blog and worked on several articles I have started. I did promo on twitter for a few things.

Today I have done my today.com blog and am going to finish one more AC article today I hope.

I also want to highlight a new writing project. Michelle Devon has just started Unsent Letters. You can read about it here. The guidelines for submitting a letter for consideration for publishing on her blog or possible publication in a book are posted on the blog.

Michy is a great person who gives advice and guidance to new writers. Her website is Accentuate Services and there is a wonderful supportive group of folks in the forum there.

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Michelle L. Devon said...

Thanks so much for promo-ing Unsent Letters! I'm amazed at how well things have grown there in such a short time, and it's wonderful folks like you who mention it like this who are making it happen!

Keep writing!

Love and stuff,