Sunday, March 1, 2009

Earning income after PCS moves

I am one of the lucky few who has been able to bring my job with me when making a PCS move. I was a bit worried about whether it would be allowed this time since our move was to an overseas location in a completely different timezone. But I have retained my telecommuting job and am working through the different time issues to find what works best.With that said, I have also looked at things that could be done for income if the job were not available. Since I know this is often the case with military spouses who move with the member, or who opt to stay home with the children, I thought I would highlight the things I am doing online. Granted my income is very limited from online sources right now, but maybe someone can find info in what I am doing to help them out.

I'm also going to use the spot here to track what I have done on these on line resources, because it helps to keep me accountable on a page somewhere.

As the days go on I will summarize the areas I am talking about.

Today I did 1 blog post on my blog

I submitted one article to AC for upfront payment.

If I manage to submit more before the day is over I will be back to update.

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