Saturday, November 29, 2008

Living in Temporary Lodging

The day has finally come. Yesterday I started moving our things to TLF. It's kind of bittersweet. I want to be gone. I want this over. But my preteen is having a tough tough time with this move. He remembers moving here but he was just a little 6 year old then. A tiny one it seemed at the time. And now? Well now he is a seventh grader and has topped the 6 foot mark, with men's size 13 feet. Where did my little guy go? It's tough to leave here since this is where all of his childhood is. We plan to come back but really we know you can never go back. When we come back it will be different. Maybe some of his friends will be gone. Maybe the schools won't be what he remembers. I guess those are not really maybes. I know things won't be the same. I know it is part of growing up. This is just my mom-side kicking in wanting to protect my not so little guy from hurting. He's already decided that he's not going to make friends at the new location because after all, he will just have to leave them behind 3 years from now. This is the part of the military like that is just plain hard! So yes, we have moved into TLF, and it's good to know that this in transition stage will be over soon, but I know these next few days have a lot of stress loaded into them. Hopefully the days will go by quickly.

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